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Lamb Grower-Finisher Feeds

Lamb Grower-Finisher Feeds

  • Higher vitamin and mineral levels: Our higher vitamin and trace mineral levels in our Lamb Grower and Finisher Feeds improve health and performance. Optimum mineral levels promote soundness.

  • More digestible ingredients: For faster gains, better feed utilization, and reduced health problems.

  • Proper Calcium/Phosphorous levels: All of our Lamb rations have a 2.5 to 1.0 Calcium to Phosphorous ratio which along with correct levels of other ingredients greatly reduces and often eliminates urinary calculi in lambs.


40 LAMB is a pelleted protein, vitamin, mineral, and bovatec supplement designed especially for lambs. Use 40 Lamb Supplement pellets with your own grain to farm–blend rations for grower/finisher lambs, and replacement ewes and rams. This high protein supplement will save you money ; it only takes 400#/ton of our 40% to make a 15% protein feed.

Our competitors usually sell 30–34% protein supplements which require 575–600 lbs/ton to make a 15% protein feed. 40 LAMB contains 150 gram/ton of bovatec, when you use 400#/ton you get a complete feed containing 30grams/ton of Bovatec. 40 LAMB has higher vitamin and mineral levels and more digestible ingredients which will promote soundness, faster gains, greater feed utilization, and reduce health problems.

40 LAMB has extra calcium and ammonium chloride which gives the finished feed a 2.5 to 1.0 Ca/P ratio to prevent urinary calculi. 40 Lamb also contains vitamins, minerals, salt, and trace elements. Always feed the grain mix below with hay or pasture.

#501506 — 50# bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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Sample Rations
Grain 1600
40% Lamb 400


Lamb 55 B is a vitamin–mineral premix containing bovatec. It is designed for use by feed mills and farmers for on farm mixing of grower/ finisher lamb rations.

Contains Bovatec for the control and prevention of coccidiosis. Use at the rate of (1) 55 lb. bag per ton to make grower/ finisher lamb and replacement ewe rations.

#501501 — 55# bag
Ship wt. 57 lbs.
$ 24.36
Lamb Rations Using Lamb 55 B
20% Starter 16% Grower 16% Grower w/ NPN
Corn, ground 1223 1490 1610
48% Soybean Meal 625 425 285
Soy Oil 40 20 20
Dry Molasses 50 0 0
Vit. E 20,000 2 0 0
Ammonium Chloride 5 10 10
Urea 0 0 20
Lamb 55 B Premix 55 55 55
2000# 2000# 2000#
20% Starter 16% Grower w/ NPN
Crude Protein % 20.0 16.0
Bovatec grams/ton 30.0 30.0
Calcuim % 1.10 0.85
Phosphorous % 0.50 0.35
Vitamin A IU/lb 6800.0 6800.0
Vitamin D IU/lb 2000.0 2000.0
Vitamin E IU/lb 50.0 30.0


A complete texturized sweet feed containing cracked grains, a pelleted protein supplement and liquid molasses. Feed as a complete grain mix for growing lambs over 70 days old.

Often small flock owners buy this complete feed instead of buying 40% Lamb and mixing their own grower rations.

#10006 — 50#
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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A complete 16% protein pelleted feed in a mini pellet (1/8”) form. Clean, dust free pellet is very palatable and is made with highly digestible ingredients, no cheap fillers.

Feed LAMB 1600 B to growing/finishing lambs over 70 days of age and to replacement lambs. Contains 30 grams per ton of Bovatec for coccidois control. Also contains ammonium chloride for prevention of calculi.

Ship wt. 52 lbs.
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LAMB 10 B PREMIX is a low inclusion (10 lbs/ton) premix designed for clients who are far from us and shipping is cost prohibitive on the 40% Lamb or Lamb 55.

This highly fortified micro–premix contains vitamins, trace minerals, selenium, and bovatec. It is designed to make all types of lamb starter, grower, finisher, and replacement ewe rations.

#501513-10 10# bag
Ship wt. 11 lbs.
$ 18.81
#501513-50 50# bag
Ship wt. 52 lbs.
$ 89.41
Sample Rations:
20% Starter 16% Grower
Grains (Corn, Etc) 1223 1490
48% Soybean Meal 625 425
Limestone 35 35
White Salt 10 10
Lamb 10 B Premix 10 10
Vitamin E 20,000 2 0
Ammonium Chloride 5 10
Dry Molasses 50 0
Soybean Oil 40 20
2000# 2000#

Concerned about shipping costs?

Use Lamb 10 to make your own lamb feeds.