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Abortion Control Guidelines

Vaccination Program - Using both Vibrio and Chlymdia Vaccines Adult Ewes –

Ewes which have been through their first set (first year) of the vaccination program need an annual booster just prior to breeding at about 2 weeks prior to the ram going in.

(Additional option for problem flocks is a ‘mid’ gestation vaccination booster. The vibrio and chlymdia vaccines need to be given during the first trimester, vaccine at about 50 days since breeding.)

Ewe Lambs, Incoming Replacements - At least two sets of vaccinations, three is better.

Give three sets of vaccinations, each set two weeks apart. The last vaccination should be done just prior to turning the ram in.

Note: Outbreaks = Treat with LA 200 Injectable on day 1 and day 3 (10 ml, two injection sites).

Feeding Program -

Feed the Gestation Ration six weeks prior to lambing. The gestation ration is medicated with two medications to prevent/reduce problems with toxo, vibrio, and chlymdia.

We might want to change which Gestation R ration you are on. Ewes need 30 mg rumensin and 250 mg of aureomycin. These levels are provided (example) by feeding 1.5 lbs. of Gestation 1.5 R.

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