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PART-TIME POSITION — Call to see if we have openings for this position.

Student Feed Mill Worker 

Student Feed Mill workers work part time during the school year and can also (if desired) work full time during breaks and summer. It is preferred that student feed mill workers have forklift experience; but not required. We will train you for the job here including forklift operation. However if you have any of the following work experience it
is a plus: farming/agri-business experience, feedmill experience, or manufacturing experience. Hunter Nutrition is a specialized feed manufacturer. Our 58,000 sq ft plant manufacturer’s texturized, pelleted, and mineral/premix feeds. We are located just north of West Lafayette in Brookston, Indiana. Qualified individuals will have a positive attitude, a good employment history, and a good work ethic. Attention to detail is a must. Mechanical ability and an interest in machinery is a plus. Job description is a production worker who is responsible for manufacturing feed, quality control, shipping & receiving, inventory control, customer service, and some basic equipment/plant maintenance. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are concerned about our business and the quality of the products we manufacture. Student employee’s enjoy the work experience here and the knowledge they obtain while employed with Hunter Nutrition. Many of our student employees are with us during their entire attendance at Purdue University. We do time blocks to aid in student class scheduling so that student employees can work a minimum 3-4 hour shift here. We offer good working hours of 8am to 5pm Monday thru Friday; off most weekends and holidays. However attendance during the workweek is critical in order for us to allow employees to work these hours; having their evenings and most weekends free. Student employees work their shifts at times in-between about 7;00/7:45 am and 5:30 pm. The selected candidates will start work with a 90 day probationary period. They will be moved to permanent status after the training and probationary period are completed. Production rates and quality control must meet company standards in order for probationary employees to be moved to permanent status.

Mail your resume to Hunter Nutrition, PO Box 412, Brookston, IN 47923

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Hunter Nutrition • 200 N. South Street, PO Box 412, Brookston, IN 47923 • Phone: (765) 563-1003 • Fax: (765) 563-1005