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Although currently filled, please feel free to submit your application as we keep resumes on file for up to one year.

Feed Mill Manager Trainee

Management Trainee for the Feedmill Manager position. We are a specialized feed manufacturer. Our 58,000 sq ft plant manufacturer’s texturized, pelleted, and mineral/premix feeds. We are located just north of West Lafayette in Brookston, Indiana. The Feedmill Manager is responsible for livestock feed production and the day to day operations of the feedmill. Qualified individuals will have earned their BS degree, have farming and/or agri-business experience, and good attention to detail. Mechanical abilities and an interest in machinery are also necessary. The job description is a working manager who is responsible for manufacturing feed, quality control, shipping & receiving, inventory control, customer service, and equipment/plant maintenance. The Manager is involved with scheduling and also works with outside contractors for repair and maintenance tasks. Duties essential to the job include; being a quick learner, having good attention to detail,  lifting 50# bags of feed through-out the day, being able climb heights up to 100 ft. when needed, and being mechanically inclined.  We are looking for a dedicated individual who is concerned about our business and the quality of the products it manufactures. We offer good working hours of day shift Monday thru Friday; off weekends and holidays. However attendance during the workweek is critical in order for us to allow employees to work these hours; having their evenings and weekends free. The selected candidate will start work as a management trainee for the first 90 days. They will be moved to the position of feedmill manager after both the training and probationary period are completed.

Mail your resume to Hunter Nutrition, PO Box 412, Brookston, IN 47923

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Hunter Nutrition • 200 N. South Street, PO Box 412, Brookston, IN 47923 • Phone: (765) 563-1003 • Fax: (765) 563-1005